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Project Overview

Transformations Aesthetics is dedicated to improving the quality of life through exceptional oral health care. Transformations Aesthetics is also comprised of Certified Office’s throughout Florida to offer patients more convenience and more quality dental care.

We have accompanied Transformations Aesthetics for more than 5 years to create quality content and continuously update website enhancement to match the development of the brand, as well as the times.

The Challenge

Our client wanted their website updated but also generate leads. Their current website was outdated and had no conversion funnels set up correctly. The challenge was creating a fully functional lead generation website that was also trackable.

We made sure we had all the conversion assets in place, such as the CTA buttons, lead form, confirmation page, design, and codes. Using SEO and social media strategies we were able to help our client generate consistent online dentist leads.

Broken Lead Generation Funnel

Visitors must fill out their information when setting appointments, however the website did not have any form integration or a direct web flow. Building out an easy way for leads to book appointments made it easier for our clients to communicate with them.

Missing Conversion Elements

The old website was not built to convert visitors. The header took too much space and too many distractions. We needed to have visitors set an appointment right away. Changing the "above the fold" design made an increase in conversions.

No Sitemap Submissions

Web crawlers such as Google rely on sitemaps to navigate pages and index them onto their search engine. Without this search engines will have a hard time finding pages you need to be ranked. Submitting an optimized sitemap now makes it easier for Google to rank their website.

Lost Traffic Tracking & Analytics

Our client dentist website had no metrics to track or Google Analytics installed in a way to track leads and traffic sources. Using Goal setting we are now able to track when leads opt-in for appointments, their conversion rate while tracking the amount of traffic the website generates.

Our Solutions

Since partnering with Weekthink, Transformations Aesthetics has witnessed a significant surge in organic search traffic to their website, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased contact form submissions. By relying on our expertise and insights, Transformations Aesthetics has been able to optimize their marketing spend and generate exceptional results.

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