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Explosion of e-commerce orders

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Project Overview

Petez Pop is a local exotic snacks and drinks store with multiple locations. PetezPop opened it’s first store in Pawtucket Rhode Island, soon after seeing the growth, they decided to take their exotic snacks all over the world by selling online. Doing so is always easier said than done, there needs to be traffic and conversions, and with our implementations and strategy we’ve help grow the brand organic reach.

The Challenge

The client’s current Shopify store was not converting well and they were nowhere ranked for their target audience on Google.

The challenge was to rank their eCommerce store on the first page of their target keywords.

Using SEO and social media strategies, we were able to help them get to a first-page position and help more with brand exposure.

No On Page SEO

A majority of the website copy was focused on selling, rather than including necessary vernacular for SEO purposes such as titles, descriptions, image ALT tags, H tags, etc. that would help search engines crawl the site correctly.

Broken Inner Links

We analyzed the website using aHref and found numerous broken links and pages that had been deleted without being properly redirected. There were also links leading to nonexistent pages, which resulted in 404 errors.

Low Conversion Optimization

Even though the website was making sales, its conversion rate was still quite low. By using Google Analytics and eCommerce conversion flow, we were able to pinpoint where exactly the audience was getting lost.

No Where to Be Found

Because the website lacked on-page SEO and backlinks, it did not improve its ranking in search engines or appear more authority to potential customers.

Our Solutions

Ranking for Exotic Snacks Keywords

After conducting extensive competitor research, we were able to identify high-volume keywords that people search for every month. We then used our favorite SEO tool aHrefs to analyze each competitor and see what they were ranking for. Based on this information, we targeted those same keywords and began optimizing the website and building links in order to get ranked. Within just three months, we climbed to the first page for each keyword! (click on image for closer preview)

The increase in website traffic led to an easy boost in orders and sales for the snack business, culminating in an 890% increase by October.

The Overall Search Results for Online Snack Business

By using proper SEO optimization and building backlinks, we were able to bring in website traffic that was interested in our snacks and drinks from all over the internet. In the last 6 months, there have been a total of 480k impressions with 17k clicks to our site- and it’s only gotten better!

Tracking Shopify Sales and Traffic Sources

In order for us to continue to improve conversions, we use Shopify Analytics along with Google Analytics for Goal tracking capabilities. Measuring and making conversion adjustments on the website while keeping the conversion rate high. The stats speak for themselves–an 825% increase for Direct, 569% for Search, and an amazing 1,496% for Social.


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