100k+ Targeted Reach & Impressions

We take a proactive approach to our marketing campaigns, which is why before any campaign can be proposed or implemented we run an ROI analysis on your area’s potential for growth.

100k+ Qualified Patient Leads

We’re here to make your marketing campaigns as successful and transparent as possible. That’s why we provide 24/7 access to our reporting that shows where your leads are coming from.

800+ Positive Patient Reviews

We've worked with many dental offices and helped them boost their client base while gaining rave reviews from their clients. Start working now and discover what your dental practice has to offer!

// Weekthink Got Your Covered

Digital Services to Gain More Patients in Every Area


See you at the top! With our SEO services, you’ll be able to rank higher in Google and generate more leads for your dental practice.

Google Ads

When you choose Google Ads as your digital marketing strategy, we’ll drive new patients to the office through keyword searches and track phone calls. Our team also uses A/B testing on our landing pages so that more qualified leads come in.


The dental industry is getting more competitive by the day. To stand out from your competitors, you need an attractive website that converts leads into patients quickly and easily. Websites are an essential part of any business’s marketing strategy. They should measurably drive leads, sales and user engagement to help your company grow!

Social Media

Whether you want to reach existing patients or find new ones, our team of dental marketing experts is here for your business. With a focus on digital content and social media posts that connect with people in neighborhoods around town - we’re sure there’s something perfect!

// SEO for Dental Practices done by certified professionals

Google is always evolving, so are we.

We’ve been successfully ranking websites, and growing dental practices using search engine marketing for years. We understand how SEO is a constantly changing craft, and so, we are constantly testing, learning and innovating so our ranking strategy always provides results.

Our Director of SEO, is an avid contributor to numerous SEO & marketing groups online – teaching hundreds of agencies around the globe the strategies that work in today’s environment. We are the first to know about changes to Google algorithms, and how to properly adjust to them to make sure your website is being ranked favorably in Google, and positioned to get the most possible traffic in your market.

Weekthink is not a giant marketing agency, on purpose. We focus on a very small section of the market – dental professionals. And for this reason, we outpace every other SEO agency that is trying to help dentists, lawyers, plumbers, and anyone who will walk through their door.

We designed Weekthink specifically to avoid all these traditional pitfalls of working with a huge agency. We don’t have confusing phone systems, poorly-trained account managers, employee churn, or any of the other annoyances that come with working with a “we do it all” agency.

We prefer to form close, long-term relationships with our clients and keep an open line of communication at all times.
Weekthink is proudly a Google Partner. We’ve been certified in both search and display advertising