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With so many changes happening in the dentistry industry, it’s even harder to diversify your practice online. Weekthink executes the best dental marketing framework for your business that gets quick results, no B.S. We’re only accepting a handful of clients at this level of premium services. Book a call now and get a free detailed strategy proposal valued at over $997, tap the link below.

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We take a strategic approach to our marketing campaigns, which in return your brand gains patient awareness.

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We make your marketing campaigns successful and transparent. That’s why we provide access to reporting that shows where leads come from.

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We've worked with many dental offices and helped boost their client base while gaining rave reviews from their clients.

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Boost your new patient inquiries, and turbocharge your success! Join the select group of Clients accepted for our premium services – limited spots available. Secure a consultation and receive a free detailed strategy proposal valued at over $997, tap the link below to book your call now.

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Your website is your storefront. We make it work for you by increasing impressions, booking more patients, and establishing a dominating presence everywhere!

Average +157% More Dental Patient Leads from Your Website

Weekthink has designed & managed top-performing dental websites for DSO Groups and single practices with a focus on improving the overall way to generate new dental patients online while optimized for HIPPA compliant.

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Get access to your data 24/7. We provide every client with an online dashboard so they can check up on all marketing reports. Plus, 1-on-1 marketing strategy sessions.

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Your partner in the digital realm, specializing in social media marketing

Cari Dahlman

Transformations Aesthetics

“Git and his team have taken our platforms and made them modern, fresh and visible. He is always available and ready to work when needed. He is patient, kind, professional and a joy to work with.
He and his team have taken on learning a whole new service with our business and have done an excellent job navigating us to the top of the searches in our area.”

Terry Cheng


“WeekThink has helped so much we our company. Since 2020, Git and his team has approved our search rankings and social presence. They care about my business as if it was theirs. From managing the social media accounts, ad campaigns, and content production, they have been great.”

Kris Lautch

Re-Konekt Smartphones & Tablets

“When you work with Git, it is clear that his number one priority is for your success. You can feel the passion he has in helping each of us achieve our goals and objectives on any project or aspect we choose to involve him with!”

Steve Mellor


Coach Steve Mellor is a natural-born competitor who embodies the philosophy that growth and optimal performance can be achieved in all areas of life. His dedication to realizing the potential in himself and others has earned him a reputation as a highly effective coach.


He is the one who wrote the book Shock The World – one of the books that motivates anyone who is pursuing their goals.

// Big Case Study

LiveHealthy Dental

Project Overview

LivHealthy Dental is dedicated to improving the quality of life through exceptional oral health care. LivHealthy Dental is also comprised of Certified Office’s throughout Florida to offer patients more convenience and more quality dental care.

We have accompanied LivHealthy for more than 5 years to create quality content and continuously update website enhancement to match the development of the brand, as well as the times.

The Challenge

Our client wanted their website updated but also generate leads. Their current website was outdated and had no conversion funnels set up correctly. The challenge was creating a fully functional lead generation website that was also trackable.

We made sure we had all the conversion assets in place, such as the CTA buttons, lead form, confirmation page, design, and codes. Using SEO and social media strategies we were able to help our client generate consistent online dentist leads.

Broken Lead Generation Funnel

Visitors must fill out their information when setting appointments, however the website did not have any form integration or a direct web flow. Building out an easy way for leads to book appointments made it easier for our clients to communicate with them.

Missing Conversion Elements

The old website was not built to convert visitors. The header took too much space and too many distractions. We needed to have visitors set an appointment right away. Changing the "above the fold" design made an increase in conversions.

No Sitemap Submissions

Web crawlers such as Google rely on sitemaps to navigate pages and index them onto their search engine. Without this search engines will have a hard time finding pages you need to be ranked. Submitting an optimized sitemap now makes it easier for Google to rank their website.

Lost Traffic Tracking & Analytics

Our client dentist website had no metrics to track or Google Analytics installed in a way to track leads and traffic sources. Using Goal setting we are now able to track when leads opt-in for appointments, their conversion rate while tracking the amount of traffic the website generates.

//Before and after

Discover The Results that Come From Change

Before there were too many distractions and for visitors to navigate. We wanted to design a clear funnel website that helped visitors convert way easier while keeping the brand colors throughout the website. Knowing where are most valuable page was that get the most traffic, we direct traffic from this page to a form which then converts visitors to a confirmation page.

Using Google Analytics onto the website and setting up proper Goals within GA settings, we were able to traffic visitors and dentist leads. This had a big increase in conversion rate for generating leads for our client.

//On page Optimization

Building Dental Patricia from Organic and All Other Traffic Source

Using proper SEO optimization throughout the entire website and also steady link building, we were able to generate a targeted audience. The audience was visitors that were looking for our client dental service throughout their offices.

// Lead Generation Funnel

Creating a Dentist Lead Funnel That Works

Creating the pages was one challenge but integrating the right plugins to the right pages was just as important. Using our trusty tools and plugins we added an easier way for our clients to see in detail who opt-in for an appointment and what they requested.

// Goals Integration

Measuring & Tracking Dental Leads

In order for us to continue to improve conversions, we use Google Analytics and its Goal tracking capabilities. Measuring and making conversion adjustments on the website while keeping the conversion rate high.

// Brand Awareness

TikTok and Video for Dental Clients

Having our client brand awareness was one of the most important aspects to get customers to notice who they are. Doing so also gave authority to potential customers see. Using effective TikTok strategies we were able to gain a huge reach and followers just from this single TikTok post.

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