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Unlock the Secrets: Medspa Keyword Research Tactics

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Keyword research is key for medical spas to market online successfully. Finding the words patients use helps your site rank better in search results. This brings in more leads.1 It’s crucial to know about different types of keywords, like bottom-of-funnel, top-of-funnel, and long-tail keywords, for a strong digital marketing plan.

Key Takeaways

  • The total monthly average search volume in the United States for 551 keywords relevant to a typical medical spa is 1,630,050.1
  • Search intent is essential in health-related searches, implying the importance of providing educational content regarding medical procedures and products to attract potential customers.1
  • SEO involves on-page, off-page, and technical aspects to optimize a website for search engines and user traffic.1
  • Keyword research tools, such as SEMRush, are crucial for identifying quality keywords, understanding user intent, and shaping content strategy.1
  • Local SEO tactics, such as creating a Google My Business account, specifying service areas, and listing on local directories, are essential for targeting local audiences effectively in the medical spa industry.1

Leverage Bottom-of-Funnel Keywords to Attract Ready-to-Buy Patients

Focus on bottom-of-funnel keywords to boost your med spa’s revenue. These are search terms people use when they’re ready to buy, like “botox near me” or “coolsculpting Portland.”2 These searchers already want to make a purchase. So, it’s crucial your med spa shows up when they search. Optimizing your site for these key phrases helps you catch patients right when they’re about to make a decision. This strategy can lead to more bookings and sales.

High Purchase Intent Keywords

To draw in those ready to buy, pinpoint and use high purchase intent keywords. These are direct searches showing someone is almost ready to purchase. Adding these exact keywords on your website and ads can really pull in patients.2 It’s a strong method for increasing the number of patients you welcome to your med spa.

Local Pack Optimization

Don’t forget the Google Local Pack. It’s that list and map at the top of result pages. Nearly half of all clicks go to these results.3 Find out which of your keywords show up there. Then, improve your Google Business Profile and local SEO to rank higher. This move can boost your visibility and attract more serious patients to your spa.

medspa website optimization

Understand the Buyer’s Journey with Top-of-Funnel and Long-Tail Keywords

To make the most of medspa content marketing strategies and digital promotion for medspas, it’s key to know how people buy. Diverse keywords can pull in possible patients at different steps. Mainly, top-of-funnel and long-tail keywords are crucial.

Top-of-Funnel Informational Queries

Top-of-funnel keywords are for those starting their purchase journey. They’re usually questions like “how long does botox last?” or “are facials good for acne?”4 While they might not immediately result in a sale, they draw in people looking for information. Doing this can make your med spa seem like a go-to expert in the field. Note, for these, Google often shows national search results first.

Targeted Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are more focused, with less search volume but a higher chance of turning into a sale. They show a clear search intent. For instance, “best med spa for laser hair removal in [your city]” is a strong long-tail keyword.5 Using these in your medspa online marketing tactics and medical spa digital advertising methods can bring in valuable traffic that might be missed by others.

Optimizing Website Pages for Core Keywords

After picking out your main keywords, set up specific service pages on your site for each. Use the keyword in the page’s title, header, meta description, and text.6 As time goes on, this can better your spot in search results and show up in the Local Pack. It will help with both getting more patients digitally and increasing your med spa’s online presence.

medspa website optimization

Best Medspa Digital Marketing Strategies

In the world of wellness today, mixing beauty with new technology is a must.7 More than half of internet users view content on their phones. This makes having a strong online presence very important.8 Top marketing for med spas involves making websites better, using social media, creating useful content, sending emails, and buying ads.

Using the right words can make your spa show up more in search results and draw in better leads.9 Methods like SEO, making your site fast and mobile-friendly, and using paid ads to find similar audiences can really grow your online views.9 Plus, since almost everyone reads reviews and many decide to buy from them,7 managing your online reviews well is key to getting and keeping patients.

Adding in things like texting and emailing clients can strengthen your marketing. They let you stay in touch and send info that’s made just for them.9 Good med spa owners spend up to 20% of what they make each year on marketing.9 They target who they advertise to and check how people are reacting to get better over time.9 Using all these moves together can pull in new patients and keep them coming back to your spa.


Why is keyword research crucial for a successful medspa digital marketing strategy?

Keyword research is key for medical spas’ online success. Knowing what words patients search helps your site rank better. This brings in more qualified people looking for services like yours.

What are bottom-of-funnel keywords and how can they help drive revenue for my medspa?

Bottom of Funnel keywords are for people ready to buy now. They search for specific treatments like “botox near me.” Showing up for these searches are critical to increasing your sales. It’s a top way to attract those about to make a purchase.

How can I optimize my medspa for the Google Local Pack and why is it important?

Google Local Pack is the top map results. It gets almost half the clicks. To utilize this, find and use keywords that trigger the Local Pack. Your visibility can skyrocket, bringing more patients to your spa. By working on your Google Business Profile and local SEO, you can rank high for these important keywords.

What are top-of-funnel and long-tail keywords, and how can I use them to attract potential patients?

Top of funnel keywords start the buying process, like “how long does botox last?” They help draw in curious people. Long-tail keywords are very specific, like “best med spa for laser hair removal in [your city].” This can attract those ready for a specific service. Using both in your content draws in a range of potential patients.

How can I optimize my medspa website for my core keywords?

Start by making service pages for each primary keyword on your site. Use the keyword in the title, headers, and content. This boosts your site for those key searches over time. It can also get you noticed in the Local Pack for important keywords.

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